You don’t have to be a big business or chain to take advantage of social networks for local business marketing. Instead of trying to appeal to people all around the globe, take a hyper-local approach to your marketing efforts online. Whether you’re using Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, or other forms of social media, you’ll have a method that works well with your business type.

One great way to work a local marketing angle is by giving incentives for Foursquare check-ins. When someone checks in with Foursquare, they usually have the app set up to post to their social network pages. This displays their visit to all of their friends, and the more people you have doing that, the more awareness of your business spreads throughout their friend lists. Another method for engaging your potential customers is through Twitter search. You can find people close to your business location who talk about subjects that align with your business. You can approach them with incentives directly or just begin a conversation to draw them in.

Mobile marketing and SMS marketing also plays into social network marketing. Make sure that your site is mobile friendly for any potential customers who might pass your physical location and like to know more about it. Even better, use a QR code somewhere out front so they can quickly access information about your business. You can create a special page for visitors near your location, giving them coupon codes or other reasons to stop in to your store and find out whether it interests them or not. You want to connect with your local customers. Don’t just be the business, be someone that they’ll see around town as well. It’s a great way to form a bond with your customers that builds brand loyalty.

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