Social Media & Mobile Marketing Solutions Customized for Small & Local Business

Today Fortune 500 companies are spending millions of dollars to leverage the power of social media and mobile marketing. SoMoLocal’s new service offering is dedicated to making social media and mobile marketing affordable to small & local business owners.

Manalapan, NJ (PRWEB) February 12, 2013 — Social media has seemingly taken over both the worlds of work and play, but there remain several individuals who think of a tweet as a noise reserved for birds or FourSquare as a game played with a red rubber ball. Those feeling clueless about mobile marketing but looking to capture the vast audiences available via social networking, are in luck — SoMoLocal is available to take local businesses and integrate them into today’s world of Facebook and Twitter marketing.

The team at SoMoLocal is dedicated to making mobile marketing techniques accessible to business owners who might otherwise shy away from techie solutions. In addition to building and connecting valuable social media platforms, SoMoLocal tracks return on investment (ROI) metrics such as audience growth rates, increases in website traffic, consumer engagement and social media conversion statistics. For companies with existing social media platforms, these metrics can be used to assess the efficacy of current Twitter and Facebook marketing efforts. If SMS marketing is not delivering, metrics may provide the insight necessary to make essential changes to a company’s online marketing approach.

SoMoLocal’s experts realize that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to internet marketing. Instead, the team makes a point of consulting separately with each small business in order to target that company’s specific needs. Once experts have determined the areas in which a given company’s social media presence is lacking, they work with the appropriate parties to create custom solutions. Their ultimate goal is to help businesses attract new customers and keep the old hats returning again and again. Co-founder Christopher Alfano explains that both of these goals are easily accomplished with the help of social media: “It doesn’t take clients entering the worlds of Twitter and Facebook marketing long to realize how many opportunities they’ve been missing.” Fellow co-founder Russell Falcon adds, “Small businesses are ultimately grateful to have such an effective and inexpensive marketing solution at their fingertips.”

Social media and mobile marketing are absolute essentials in today’s competitive market. Customers relish the ability to connect with their favorite brands, be they small business endeavors or international products. Small business owners ignore social networking at their own peril; it’s currently the most effective marketing approach and the research suggests it’s here to stay.

SoMoLocal offers social media marketing and management solutions for the tech-impaired or the most tech savvy local business. Don’t have enough time to do it yourself – let the team at SoMoLocal handle the day-today tasks of social media and mobile marketing while you focus on the other aspects of your business. You’ll be amazed by the growth achieved by both your brand and bottom line by letting professional’s manage your social media campaigns for you. To learn more about this amazing opportunity, call 732-595-3150 or visit

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