mobile marketing cell phoneThe increasing number of mobile device users has changed a number of things in the world of marketing, and has resulted in some significant advantages for the local small business owner. It was not that long ago that the cost of delivering a targeted marketing message to large numbers of people was prohibitively expensive – only those businesses with the largest budgets could afford such marketing campaigns. Now, however, it is possible for small businesses to develop powerful marketing campaigns on surprisingly small budgets.

The Advantages of Mobile Marketing and SMS

Because nearly every consumer now has a smart phone or other SMS enabled device, it is possible for even the smallest business to construct a marketing message that will result in conversions. Mobile marketing (a.k.a. text message marketing) allows for an amazing amount of coverage to interested parties, and an ease of conversion not possible in the world before smart phones.


With one message, it is possible for a business to reach every interested customer almost instantly. And the message arrives directly in their pockets or their handbags. Very few people can resist opening a text message, making them far more effective than an email. People regularly scan their emails and delete anything they find suspicion, but the same cannot be said for text messages. Your marketing message is very likely to be seen, and seen quickly.

Only to those who are interested

Spam, whether in emails or SMS, is something everyone dislikes. No business, especially a small business, wants to be associated with such underhanded marketing tactics. Fortunately, a quality mobile marketing campaign only delivers your message to those who have expressed interest. This means that your message is going to people who want to hear from you, and will be happy to learn about whatever offer you are promoting.

SMS marketing campaigns are also very easy to opt out of. Even if someone originally signed up to hear from your business, but no longer wants to, he or she can remove themselves from your list almost immediately. They simply have to respond with an appropriate opt out message.

Easy conversion

Smart phones allow your message to motivate your customers to action. If you are promoting your restaurant, for instance, your customers can click on a link in your SMS that takes them directly to your website to print off a coupon, hear more about what you are offering, or whatever else you might want them to do. This can happen quickly, because most of them are constantly connected to the internet through their phones.

Brand recognition on a local level

It used to be almost impossible for the local business owner to achieve the kind of market penetration that the large corporate brands did. Now, while big businesses may still be able to afford most of the television air time, they are not necessarily as trusted as the local business. This can be especially true when it comes to direct access to the consumer.

Local businesses are more likely to be considered trustworthy by consumers, and your mobile marketing campaign can help define you as a local source for whatever it is you are offering. As a local business, this increased trust can also result in more direct access to your customers. As long as your SMS marketing is well executed, you can increase this trust, and enjoy continued access.

Excellent solution for the local business

SMS marketing offers some significant advantages to the local business, giving business owners the opportunity to reach more customers more quickly than ever before. Good business is about relationship building, and a quality SMS marketing campaign can result in the kind of quality business relationships that local businesses strive for, and the kind of conversions that come with those relationships.

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