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Holiday Promotions & Your Small Business

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Holiday Promotions & your small businessHoliday promotions aren’t just for retail stores anymore! As the holidays approach you should definitely consider implementing some type of social media holiday promotion for your small business. Not only will this create a lot of buzz and help you get more fans on your social media pages, it could lead to new customers. So what can you do?

Give Away A Product.

If you have any products your customers particularly love, or a product that you have a large quantity of, run a promotion to give one (or more) away to your loyal fan-base. If you don’t have any products, another option is to give away a hot holiday item, like an iPad or a Kindle. This is an effective way to generate positive buzz and exposure for a product your company offers, or at the very least show your followers how much you appreciate them.

Offer A Service Or Helpful Knowledge.

If you don’t have products to give away, another option is to give away a service your business provides or some helpful knowledge. This is a great way to get people talking about your brand. Not only will people appreciate your expert advice, new customers will get a sample of what your company has to offer and it will add credibility to your company. For example, a yoga studio could give away a private yoga session, or offer its knowledge on a certain type of yoga by hosting webinars or creating a few infographics to share on social media.  

Give Back To Your Community.

As a small business, you’re probably more in touch with your local community than larger corporations, so use that to your advantage. If you have local charities, like a food bank or an animal shelter, run a promotion to donate to it this holiday season. One option is to have your social followers vote on which charity or non-profit they want you to donate to. Another option is to run a campaign to donate money for every new Facebook Like or Twitter Follower you receive to a predetermined organization, such as the ASPCA. The holidays are a time to give back, and your customers will appreciate your care and support for the community.

Regardless of what holiday promotion you go with, utilize an application, such as WooBox or OfferPop to help pull it all together. Both of these sites allow you to effortlessly lay out your promotion, the content, and the graphics. Additionally, utilizing an app allows you to fan-gate your entries, meaning a person must Like or Follow your page in order to enter a promotion. Generally, a simple sweepstakes promotion is all you’ll need to do, but check out websites such as WooBox and OfferPop to see what other options are available that work for what you’re giving away.

A strong holiday promotion can help position your company in a favorable light with not only current customers, but new ones as well. It’s not too late to run a holiday promotion for your current customers and potential customers, so determine what you want to give away, plan it out, and start promoting it!    

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