Should Your Small Business Partner With A Blog?

blogIf you feel like you’ve exhausted all of the major social media outlets but still want to do more, consider partnering with a blogger. Not only will joining forces with a blog help you reach new potential customers, it can help associate your brand with another trusted and influential name. Here are some tips to get the most out of a blog partnership!

Is Your Business A Good Candidate?

First and foremost, you must determine if your business is cut out for a blogger partnership. While really any business that can be reviewed or talked about on a blog can be a candidate, the best candidates are businesses that have a product or service to offer, with a specific target demographic and a particular niche. If this fits your business, then a blog partnership is just what you need to further grow your brand.

Seek Out Blogs.

When looking to partner with a blogger take the time to shop around; a simple Google search will do. Look for bloggers who write about things related to your company. For example, a yoga studio might seek out fitness, yoga, and health bloggers. Finding a blog that’s related to your business, products, services, and/or target demographic ensures that the blog you partner with has the audience you’re looking to target, thus increasing the probability that they’ll become new customers.

Check Analytics.

After selecting a few blogs that meet your criteria (target audience, average income, geographical location, etc.) look at the blog’s statistics. Check how many people subscribe to the blog, how many view the blog each month, what’s the number of unique monthly visitors, and so on. Also look at the blog’s social media pages. How are the follower counts and engagement? Since most bloggers leverage social media along with their blog, it’s important that each social media page has an adequate number of followers, interactions and engagement. Partnering with a blogger that’s prominent and active will ensure good exposure for your brand.


Once you found a blog you’d like to work with, reach out to them. Usually there’s a contact form right on the blog, or look for an email or phone number. Communicate a little information about your business and what you’re looking to do, and ask for more information; they will likely send a media kit with a breakdown of costs, services, highlights, analytics, etc.

General Services.

Services will vary from blog to blog, but general partnerships can include advertisements, product reviews, product giveaways, company sponsored posts, contests, sale promotions, event promotions, and sponsored social media posts. What you choose to do will depend on your business, the products and/or services you offer and how much you’re looking to spend, so determine which tactics will be most effective for your brand and in your budget. If you’re not sure, the blogger will be able to help you come up with a game plan.


Keep in mind that the more influential a blogger is, the more expensive they might be. However, they’re likely to be the most effective at getting new customers through your door because they have a large number of loyal followers who trust their opinion. So if you can swing it, a higher price might mean higher reward. Prices for various services will vary by blog, as well.

Just like social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, blogs are where people are. There can be huge benefits from creating a partnership, so check out some blogs, determine your goals, decide what your business has to offer, and let the blogger world work its magic.

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