RE2PECT – The 30 People Who Tipped Their Hat to Derek Jeter

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In case you missed it, this week Nike aired a commercial right before Derek Jeter’s last All-Star at bat. The commercial shows fans, celebrities and other athletes tipping their hat to honor the New York Yankees captain who announced last year that this season would be his last. Even if you’re not a fan of baseball I think you can agree that this commercial is well done and a great honor to an athlete who has inspired many during his years as a Yankee.
With a little help from the Interwebs and the fine folks of Reddit we took the time to document all of the hat tippers in this classic commercial. Let us know if we missed anyone or any details in the comments below!
  1. The Captain Derek Jeter
  2. Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester
  3. Yankees 3rd base coach Rob Thomson
  4. Yankees Stadium food vendor
  5. Random fans in Yankee Stadium stands
  6. Spike Lee
  7. Former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani
  8. Random fans in Yankee Stadium stands
  9. Jeter’s parents, Dr. Sanderson Charles and Dorothy Jeter, his sister Sharlee and her son Jalen Jeter in Yankee Stadium skybox
  10. Man standing at 161st Street/Yankee Stadium train station platform
  11. 3 New York City police officers standing on River Avenue under the Yankee Stadium train platform
  12. New York City firemen on fire truck
  13. 2 guys in car – passenger wearing gold chain holding iPhone?
  14. Carmelo Anthony on iPhone
  15. Billy Crystal
  16. Boston Red Sox fans in a bar
  17. Tiger Woods
  18. Nike Skateboarding team member Eric Koston with Dodgers hat on
  19. Sand Diego Padres mascot
  20. Cowboy sign tipping hat?
  21. Rapper Action Bronson  with feet up on table – Record producer The Alchemist to his left
  22. Cooks in kitchen
  23. WNBA player Maya Moore in schoolyard with hoodie on
  24. Phil Jacksonpresident of the New York Knicks and his fiance Jeanie Buss, co-owner of the Los Angeles Lakers
  25. 3 New York Mets players and Mr. Met with faces blurred out
  26. Jay-Z
  27. A doorman in New York City
  28. Mariano Rivera, Any Petite, Joe Torre, Tino Martinez and Jorge Posada sitting at a table in a restaurant
  29. A kid on his bed watching Jeter on tv
  30. Michael Jordan

This one’s for you, Jeter; Our virtual hat tip for all you’ve accomplished. Go Yanks! 

(Image courtesy of YouTube)

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