9 Quick Tips To Get Noticed On Pinterest

pinterest_blogpost_MARCH2015It’s no secret that Pinterest is a major social media platform that has more than 70 million users (Business News Daily), however most businesses struggle with obtaining the number of followers and interactions they desire. Pinterest differs from Facebook and Twitter, and with that, the tactics to get noticed slightly differ as well. Check out these quick tips to get your small business noticed on Pinterest.

1. Add a Pinterest Follow Button next to your other social media follow buttons on your website. This will allow visitors to effortlessly find and follow your business.

2. Verify your website. Verifying your website/business on your Pinterest page is easy to do, and that little checkmark on your Pinterest page will not only add credibility but will confirm that the page is really connected to your business.

3. Add a Pin Button to your creative content, such as blog posts and infographics, so that those visiting your website can easily Pin any interesting content they come across.

4. Pin a little, and often. It’s more beneficial and effective to Pin more frequently, but only a handful of Pins at a time. This gives you exposure without being obnoxious or excessive.

5. Focus on creative content that will grab the attention of Pinners. Graphics are the first thing Pinners see, and an intriguing image (sometimes regardless of the content it’s referring to) will get Pinned, so make sure what you’re Pinning is eye-catching.

6. Comment on popular pins. Search through the “Popular” section on Pinterest to see what people are currently interested in, then offer your own opinion. Keep it short, but thoughtful.

7. Connect with friends and followers from your other social media pages. Since you already have a relationship with them, they are likely to follow you on Pinterest and interact with your Pins.

8. Create Shared Boards and invite other Pinners in the industry to Pin to them. This will help get your Pinterest page out there, and help you build relationships with others in the field.

9. Run contests to get your followers excited and to gain new ones. A popular Pinterest contest is “Pin to Win” where participators must follow and then Pin the contest to their Pinterest page to enter. “Pin to Win” contests can create a lot of buzz and exposure for your page and business.

Incorporating some or all of these tips can definitely get your business on the right track to getting noticed on Pinterest. Gaining a million, a thousand, or even a hundred followers or Repins will not happen overnight, so be patient, be consistent, and get Pinning!


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