Promoted Posts: Instagram

IMG_9339Having an online presence is essential for the success of nearly every small business and entrepreneur. Instagram, with its rich visuals and approximately 150 million users, is quickly surpassing other popular social media tools for marketing purposes. Check out what promoted Instagram posts are and how they can benefit your business!

What are Promoted Instagram Posts?

Promoted Instagram posts are basically photos or video advertisements promoting a product, service, or some aspect of a business. The primary difference between a promoted post and other images is the mark above the top right corner of the picture signifying that it is sponsored. They also come from an account that the user doesn’t necessarily follow, but might be interested in. Users on Instagram can like the photo and follow the brand in the same way they would with other users. They would even have the option to provide feedback regarding the ad.

What Can Promoted Instagram Posts Do?

One gorgeous, glossy photo can tell your customers more about your business than several paragraphs of text. For example, Luxury Daily Marketing reveals how Ralph Lauren posts images of luxury apparel on Instagram as a way to engage potential consumers, even if many of them currently can’t afford the items. Another innovative way to promote your business on Instagram is with video ads. A custom video that lasts for just 15 seconds can pack in a lot of valuable information about your company. Make sure the video is customized for Instagram, which includes creating a video that looks good with our without sound.

How Can it Benefit Your Small Business?

The young and increasingly affluent users on Instagram continue to grow, making this the ideal place for businesses to focus more of their marketing budget. Instagram ads have the potential to do more than just provide beautiful pictures. They can communicate to potential customers the specific message your business is trying to convey. Maximize Social Business explains the many benefits of using Instagram for your company, not least of which is connecting directly with your target audience.

Make the Most of Your Online Presence

Instagram ads are different from other types of social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. You need a team of professionals who can bring it all together to create ideal images and hashtags for your business that will reach and attract new customers, while keeping your current customers engaged. For more information visit us at or give us a call at  732-595-3150.

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