Make Your Small Business Stand Out In A Big Way On LinkedIn

Make Your Small Business Stand Out On LinkedInToo many small business owners make the mistake of thinking small with their marketing efforts. When it comes to small business marketing, instead of thinking small, think huge — like 300 million huge. LinkedIn recently surpassed 300 million users, making it the perfect platform to market your small business to a vast audience. The following five tips will help you utilize LinkedIn so that your small business will stand out in a big way. 

Cover the Basics

While it may seem obvious, covering the basics is essential to getting the most out of your LinkedIn profile. This means making sure your profile is 100 percent complete. Don’t skimp on crucial steps such as adding a profile picture, listing specialties, and linking to your website. Also, take the time to write a short but detailed summary that demonstrates the success, achievements, and strengths of your small business. We suggest using a few targeted keywords that will make your LinkedIn page easier to find within your industry. Also, make sure all contact information is correct.

Be Accessible

The top rule to keep in mind for LinkedIn success is that you should be easy to find. Ultimately, you want other LinkedIn users and those who visit your website to continue landing on your social media pages. Customize your LinkedIn URL and add a badge on your website that invites visitors to easily connect with you on LinkedIn. 

Update Regularly

Similar to any other social media platform, regular updates are key. Post frequently by sharing exciting news and trends that are happening in your company and in the industry. Keep in mind, LinkedIn tends to be a more professional platform so what might be great for Facebook page or Instagram, may not be suitable for LinkedIn. We tend to only post our own content on our LinkedIn page.

There Is Strength in Numbers

As the old adage goes, there is strength in numbers, so be sure to take advantage of LinkedIn groups. LinkedIn allows you to join 50, and you definitely shouldn’t ignore this easy opportunity for networking. By finding groups that cater to your industry, you will be able to connect with other industry professionals that can possibly help you and your small business. 

Customize and Personalize

Finally, don’t forget to add your own personal touch. Whether it is customizing your LinkedIn URL or writing a unique job title or job summary, make sure your voice is heard in a unique way. You can also show your personal know-how by answering questions other LinkedIn users have, which can grant you an “Expert” status that not only makes your profile look great, but makes you more credible in your industry.

These five tips are a great launching off point towards achieving a meaningful LinkedIn presence that will make you stand out. Visit our website to see how other digital marketing strategies just like this one delivers the leads and sales you need to grow your small business in an effective way. 

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