Why You Need Video Marketing

camera-690163_1280While video marketing is nothing new,  it has become increasingly important in improving search results and is notably taking more center stage in marketing tactics. Here, we’ll explore what video marketing is, provide some examples of people who are using it well, and take a closer look at how it may help your small business. We’ll also have some suggestions on how you can get started!

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing uses technology to improve your relationship marketing efforts. Generally, videos intended for marketing purposes are short videos (about two to five minutes in length) that address issues of interests to your customers and to your prospects. Like written content marketing, you are providing helpful information, tips, product reviews, and other information that positions you as an expert in your business segment so when prospects need assistance, they can turn to you. These videos are shared through video providers like YouTube, as well as other social media platforms and your website. The purpose overall, of course, is to increase business.

Examples of Video Marketing in the Real World 

Most people focus far too much on creating a video with “viral” potential. The reality is, effective video marketing can sometimes be boring. That is unless you are a customer or potential customer. That’s the point. You don’t need everyone to see your video, just those potentially in your target market.

Successful video campaigns have been developed that explain life insurance, provide tips on buying and selling real estate, and on fixing your own car. Campaigns can be developed around education, demonstrations, little known facts, and even stick figure characters. Often humor is a popular vehicle. Check out the style of campaign that helped build the Dollar Shave Club. You can also view a variety of videos that were featured in an Inc. Magazine article to get some ideas!

What It Can Do For Your Small Business

Video marketing can help you grow your business in ways you may never have thought possible. Video marketing can position you as an expert in your industry, can grow your audience, will help build your brand, can expand your market, and can expose your product or services to people who otherwise may never know you exist.

One of the best things video marketing can do is to serve as the impetus of a powerful inbound marketing campaign where customers seek you out. This is a significant shift from traditional marketing that your small business should be taking advantage of.

How to Get Started

Getting started may be easier than you think. Many campaigns are created using the video camera of a smartphone. The two things to keep in mind are 1. keep it short and informative and 2. be sure to include a call to action. Entrepreneur Magazine has some additional tips. But the best advice may be to get some professional advice and assistance, which can greatly increase your odds of success.

At SoMoLocal, we help businesses develop successful campaigns to improve their leads and conversions. We are experts at social and mobile marketing that works on a local level by building inbound marketing channels like video marketing. We can create a campaign that extends your personality and brand, and helps unseen prospects connect with your business. Visit our website and learn more about how we can help you.

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