How To Incorporate SnapChat Into Your Digital Marketing Campaign

How To Incorporate SnapChat Into Your Digital Marketing CampaignIf you haven’t heard of SnapChat yet, just look around your immediate vicinity for the closest teenager or young adult. Odds are good that they’ll know exactly what it is. So, what is SnapChat you ask? Simply put, SnapChat is an app that allows users to send pictures and videos that last for a selected number seconds before they disappear into the ethers of cyberspace forever.

While the messages might be fleeting, they can have long-term effects on growing your small business. Here are five simple ways you can incorporate SnapChat into your digital marketing.

Build Brand Excitement

If you are a products-based small business, showing an enticing video clip of your new product before it releases will intrigue customers and likely drive sales. Whether your business deals in the food industry, retail or technological innovations, showing customers the next big thing will keep them engaged while your brand stays memorably relevant. Take a look at how cosmetics company NARS boosted business by previewing their new collection on SnapChat.

Create Unique SnapChat Promotions

One of the key benefits of marketing through SnapChat is having an instant connection with your target audience. You can enhance this connection even more by running exclusive SnapChat promotions that can provoke customer loyalty. The well-known frozen yogurt chain, 16 Handles, used this strategy to astounding effect by having customers snap photos of themselves and friends at 16 Handles locations. When they send those pictures to 16 Handles, they received exclusive discounts. Use the unique social features of SnapChat to your advantage by making customers excited to spread the news about your product and engage with your brand.

Keep Your Strategy Fresh and Fun

With SnapChat marketing, you aren’t engaging in typical advertising that is about delivering focused and, in some respects, boring advertising. Instead, you are engaging with users on a platform that they enjoy daily because it is fun for them. Be sure to match this vibe with your advertising. Check out how Taco Bell makes use of SnapChat Stories to engage with customers in new and exciting ways.

Answer Questions

Customer service is always a great way to grow business effectively, and there are few better ways to answer customer inquiries than doing so directly and concisely. Sending a quick video of how to use or enjoy a product effectively can do wonders for customer satisfaction, particularly if your small business focuses on technology products.

Stay Ahead of Competitors

Given the novelty of SnapChat, you will beat most other small businesses to the punch if you start a SnapChat marketing campaign now. As the ages-old adage goes, “fortune favors the bold”, so take the initiative to grow your brand while other businesses are still slow on the uptake.

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